Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Build Your Own Stationary (BYOS) & Planner Book Presale?
BYOS is the custom process of choosing your book and what type of stationary you would like it to be turned into. Stationary types include: autograph books, notebooks (standard, deluxe, subject), sketchbooks & scrapbooks ONLY. Planner Book Presale is preordering a planner book, there is only one size book (WWR) that can accommodate premade planner inserts. The only type of stationary that can be customized contain the storybook cover. There are no execptions.

Can I custom order One-Of-A-Kind items?
No. Anything made with storybook pages or artists' prints cannot be customized/preordered. These items are when I have the most creative freedom and is too limiting when taken on as custom orders. You can find my One-Of-A-Kind items on my Instagram or PopShop Live.

Why is the Turnaround Time 4-7 weeks?
The Turnaround Time accounts for any delays in supply shipment, unexpected emergencies, etc. It is your responsibility to read each listing accordingly.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?
No. Due to the rarity of each item I am unable to offer returns or exchanges at this time. READ EACH LISTING ACCORDINGLY. Pay attention to turnaround times and shipping speeds. Plan accordingly. Missing/damaged packages during transit are covered by insurance. You must contact your local USPS.