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Hi everyone! If you didn't already know, I've been locked out of my Instagram account, @upcycledenchantments since 12/20/2022. Due to this unfortunate circumstance it has made it very difficult in promoting my small business as I get used to navigating other social media platforms. I'm hoping for some good news soon and in the meantime I would kindly ask that you continue to follow me on other platforms such as:

PopShop Live: Upcycled Enchantments  with code "NCHANT"
Instagram: @upcycledenchantments 
TikTok: @upcycledenchantments 
Twitter: @upcyclede_jess 
Facebook: Upcycled Enchantments 

Interacting with my posts by liking, leaving comments, sharing, reposting, etc. is completely free and notifies the algorithm to share my content to more people. I understand that this changes the way we may consume social media and that interacting with my posts takes time, so a big THANK YOU for doing so in advance. This helps me tremendously and I appreciate it more than you could ever know. Please continue to tag me in all your posts and I hope to see you all soon whether it's in person or virtually through PopShop Live. To stay up to date please check the PopUps & Sales tab.

For those of you who are new I know it's kind of odd not having access to my Instagram, but I would like to help you as best I can. Feel free to leave any questions below.
And for all my longtime Upcycled Enchantments Family thank you for the continued support and please give me updates. I miss my small shop community so much! 

If you're a little shy feel free to email me at

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